Clearcase Defaults

Every time I start up Clearcase, the rightmost pane displays a bunch of text starting with the following paragraphs:

Dynamic View

Your project's source files are stored in one or more ClearCase data repositories called VOBs (versioned object bases). This view allows you to access those source files.

Each time you check out, modify, and check a file back in, ClearCase creates a new version that records the changes. Version control is just one of the features that enable your team to manage changes and coordinate access to sources.

The text goes on and on about dynamic views. All of these may be interesting information. However I don’t need to know that any more. I want to see the contents of the select folder in Clearcase.

So each time I launch Clearcase, I have to realize this, find the Windows splitter bar, and move it down to expose the pane with the folder contents. This is very poor design. Why is Clearcase wasting my time? Can’t I set it up to hide this stupid view?

I am going to do some research. There is no reason why I should have to fight with the tool every time I launch it. Shame on the IBM Rational user interface team responsible for Clearcase.