Rational Upgrade

It is that time once again. Got to upgrade my Rational tool set. Funny. I heard a lot of tools are changing names. Or to be precise, some new tools shall replace older once in the next version of the Rational Suite. Another oddity is that not all tools are getting upgraded.

My tried and true apps are getting upgraded to version This includes Clearcase and ClearQuest. Rational Rose, which I only seldomly used, is still staying at version Not sure if this is due to IBM not having an upgrade, or my customer not buying it.

All I know is that I need to make sure my work is ready for the big upgrade. At least my toolset is staying the same. Seems like the testers have to get ready for some new programs that replace the ones they use that are being phased out. Let's hope this goes smoothly.

I have requested to manually control the upgrade on each of my machines. I get the executable to do the install. Somebody else must be taking care of the back end. It is most favorable that I am going to be in between tasks during the upgrade. It would suck if a delivery crossed the update dates.