The Leap to DB2

These days it seems that database companies give away their software for free to developers. This good will comes back to them when a developer can influence the choice of databases at work where the company might shell out big bucks for the project. Imagine my surprise when I found out that IBM does not give free database licenses to developers. Strange indeed.

Well at least IBM has a try before you buy program. I have 90 days from when I install DB2 until I have to pay for the thing. So I figure I might as well get the latest and biggest version they have. The download was 500 Meg. And wouldn't you know it? IBM made me register to even qualify for the download. This is not feeling too developer friendly.

I unzipped the DB2 installation file and it created a whole hierarchy of directories. Not exactly sure where to start. Guess it is time to read some documentation. Or I could click one of these executables in one of the directories. Good luck to me.