VOB Versus View

I normally deal with only two views for my development work. One view is my development view which holds C++ application source code. The other view is my database view which holds scripts and stored procedures. These two locations for code I work with are also located in separate VOBs.

Whenever I need access to the data from one of the views, I mount the VOB for that specific view. This works fine when I just work with one of these views. However strange things happen when I mount both VOBs. Each view can see the folders in the expected VOB, as well as the other VOB.

This would be cool if I could get access to everything I need through one view. However it does not work like that. If I have the database VOB mounted, but use the development view, I can see the database folders. However I cannot do any work with files in those folders. I have to use my database view to access the files correctly.

What is this? This can’t be the normal way Rational Clearcase works. It just does not make sense. I get that I may need to use more than one view to access more than one type of files. However why is everything visible in the view, but not usable? That seems like something is wrong.

I would not put it past the people who set up my views and VOBs. Perhaps they configured stuff incorrectly. The problem is that I don’t know a lot about the details of how views and VOBs work. However something is wrong in the first place if the tool allows you to set up a bum configuration in the first place.

In the past I never thought I would say this. But I am starting to miss PVCS Version Manager. We had a clunky old version of that software made for Windows 3.1. However there were a lot of things that worked right and easily in that system.