IBM PureSystems

I was reading a trade press magazine. Saw an ad for IBM PureSystems. Had not heard that term before. Decided to browse over to IBM to figure out what was up. I started with the PureSystems brochure. Wow. This thing was full of buzzwords. Must come straight from the sales and/or marketing department. But what the heck are they really selling here?

PureSystems appears to be an umbrella over three subsystems:
  1. IBM PureFlex System
  2. IBM PureApplication System
  3. IBM PureData System
Now the PureFlex appears to revolve around the hardware side of the house. You know - computers, storage, and networking. The main idea behind it is that you manage all of this with a single console. The goal is to improve IT costs. This is being offered as an infrastructure as a serivce.

Next is PureApplication. This seems to be the most nebulous of all. They mention that it is some sort of platform or framework. It allows you to define patterns. Yeah. I suspect it might actually refer to the software side of the house. This is offered as a platform as a service.

Finally there is PureData. This is a platform. Yep. You guessed it. This targets your big data needs. This is done via cloud based data management. It is sold via a platform as a service.

I get the feeling that you are supposed to choose one of these three, depending on your needs. Wouldn't you need all three though? Of course the brochure directs you to talk to IBM sales. I guess that answers what this is all about. It is some sort of sales channel. Sales as a service anyone?