Database Creation Thwarted

To guide my introduction to DB2, I have been reading a book entitled "Understanding DB2". The book recommended I follow the First Steps tools that comes with DB2 to create a sample database. Sounds like sound advice. So I click the "Creating the SAMPLE Database" link to get an overview of the process. Here is what I get:

The topic that you have requested is not available. The link may be wrong,
or you may not have the corresponding product feature installed. This online
help only includes documentation for features that are installed.

Ouch. IBM falls down on the job. So much for the overview. I decided to go ahead and try to create the sample database anyway. After I click the "Create SAMPLE Database" button, I get the following message.

This is just not going well. I am glad that I am running DB2 as a free trial. I would be pissed if I had paid money and got this level of product. I sure hope this does not indicate how my overall experience with DB2 is going to be. Guess I will have to man up and create a sample database from scratch on the command line.