A Little Progress

I used the Control Center wizard to create a new database table. This looks like a promising start. Some of the data types seemed unfamiliar to me. Good old VARCHAR was there. But I did not see a lone NUMBER type. So far I have been switching between SMALLINT and DECIMAL to fulfill my NUMBER needs (if you cannot tell, my recent background is Oracle).

After getting a table created, I wanted to run some SQL commands. Both the Command Line Processor and Command Window told me I was not connected to a database. So I tried "CONNECT toolsdb;" without success. Then I figured I needed CONNECT TO so I issued a "CONNECT TO toolsdb;". But it still resulted in an error.

In desperation I chose the Help facility. It bought me to the IBM site on the web. Took a while to realize that you do not end single commands with a semicolon on the Command Line Processor line. Finally I was able to connect to the database via "CONNECT TO toolsdb". Now we are in business. I don't have any data in my table yet. But given my bad luck so far, I am happy even small results such as these.