db2pd Reveals Secrets

My company provides a computer to do my work for our client. This computer is on the client's network. And this network is on lock-down for security purposes. There is the ability to go out to the Internet. However most good sites are on lock down.

I talked my manager into getting me a separate computer which I could hook up to our company's network. That way I could search the Internet and not get blocked all the time. The business case for this PC is so that I can research software topics I need.

So I figured this PC was a good place to install IBM DB2 to give it a test drive. I have been slowly looking through the utilities that come with DB2. I opened up a DB2 command window, from which I started the db2pd tool to check out some statistics. In fact I started it with the following option:
db2pd -osinfo

Imagine my surprise when this command revealed that my TotalCPU count was 2. I guess I have a dual CPU machine. It is almost a little embarassing that I do not know the hardware that I run on. Maybe that a sign that I am getting old. Either way this was a positive surprise. Anyways I continue to check out the administrative tools that come with DB2. I have much to learn.