Stuck in SQL1092N

I tried to issue the command "list applications". The result was a SQL1092N. DB2 is kind enough to inform me what this error means: does not have the authority to perform the requested command. Great.

My hunch is that this problem traces back to when I installed DB2 on my Windows Professional workstation. I chose to enable operating system security for DB2 object. This option probably works fine. However it requires that you be able to add yourself to the DB2ADMNS Windows group. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot do this. I had thought I overcame this drawback by adding Everyone to this group. This did not solve me problem.

Normally when I am faced with challenges like this, I turn to Google (i.e. Google the problem and looks for others with the same problem and suggested solution). The most promising recommendation was to issue an "update dbm cfg using SYSADM_GROUP" command. This way I could specify another group which I already belong to as the administrator. I tried this, and got a SQL5001N error. This error means does not have the authority to change the database manager configuration file. It appears I am stuck in a conundrum here.

My second to last resort, as advised by one of the Google search results, is to manually update the dbm config file. But this somehow feels wrong. The very last resort is to uninstall and reinstall DB2. However I am concerned about how this will work with my 90 day trial license. With my luck, it won't even allow me to reinstall. Come sing the DB2 woes with me.