DB2 Tools

IBM calls fixed to its database product Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs). These fixes are distributed in FixPaks.

You can open a DB2 command window by issuing the db2cmd command. The DB2 command line processor (CLP) operates in interactive or non-interactive modes. In interactive mode, you can enter commands directly. In non-interactive mode, you must precede each command with "db2". You may also need to enclose commands in quotes when using the non-interactive mode of the CLP. The backslash character allows multiple line command, and these lines are terminated with the terminator character. The default terminator character is the exclamation point.

Developers can code functionality in User Defined Functions (UDFs). These functions can be written in C/C++, Java, or SQL PL languages. SQL PL is IBM's extension to the SQL standard.

Now for some miscellaneous information. The db2pd command invokes a statistics tool. A satellite is a DB2 server that is a member of a group of other servers with are similarly configured.