Goodbye For Now

Next week I start my new job. My official title will be "associate". Does not sound too impressive. However I guess I am not important enough to be a partner yet. The project at my new job is primarily backed by a huge Oracle 9 database. They have plans to move to Oracle 10 in the latter part of this year. But this means I will not be working with IBM DB2 as I had previously planned.

So I expect my posts to this blog will be limited unless there is another drastic change in employment. It is sad but I think I shall uninstall my copy of DB2 for Windows. I have already shared the little bit I know about IBM tools in previous posts, mostly about the DB2 database. And who knows? Maybe the new project shall start using another hot IBM tool such as Websphere.

I have already tossed out my book on Understanding DB2. Luckily I did not pitch my library full of Oracle books. They shall come in handy during the next gig. If you want to keep up with my exploits when my next job takes me through a move to the Oracle 10g database, check out my Oracle Development blog. Cheerio for now.