Return of Problems

Having reinstalled DB2 on my machine, I was hoping to get some practice with the database. These hopes came crashing down pretty quickly. I chose to install the sample database as part of the post-installation "First Steps". This choice led to an SQL 1092N. Apparently my domain user does not have the authority to create the sample database. Clicking on the SAMPLE database overview link was not encouraging. It just took me to a web page that stated, "The topic that you have requested is not available." LOL.

I thought maybe there was something wrong specific to the sample database. So I tried to use the DB2 Control Center to create my own database. This led back to the same SQL 1092 N. My next theory was that maybe my domain account did not have the correct rights. So I checked and found that I am a member of administrators on my machine. I am also a member of the groups DB2ADMNS and DB2USERS. These groups should be defunct since I chose to not use Windows groups for DB2 security. Now I was completely confused.

As a last ditch effort, I logged into my local machine with the db2admin account I specified when installing DB2 this last time. I created directory C:\DB2 and chose it as Default Path for the database I was creating. This resulted in a new error stating that the "path does not exist". Well I went back one last time and chose directory C:\ as the Default Path. Finally a database got created. The command completed successfully. But I don't want to log onto my workstation locally every time I create a database. And I bet I cannot log in with my normal ID and do anything with this database. Is it time to reinstall again, choosing my domain account as the User Information provided for the DB2 Administration Server? Who knows?