Uninstall Time

I decided it was time to unintall IBM DB2 from my computer. There were too many problems, based in part due to choices made during installation. I was a bit worried that maybe I would not be able to reinstall due to my trial license being over. There was one warning message during uninstall - "DB2 databases will not be removed". That was fine. I later used Windows Explorer to manually delete the database files. It was surprisingly quick to uninstall the whole DB2 software. It took a couple minutes total with no reboot of my PC needed.

Luckily the reinstall worked pretty well. At first I was back to the same issues when I first did an install. But I reviewed my post on Installing DB2. That helped me decide to choose Personal Edition of DB2. And this time around I chose a Typical installation, and accepted almost all the defaults. For example I chose a local user account of db2admin. However I once again ran into problems choosing a password for this account. It kept giving me errors like I mentioned in DB2 Install Continued. Note to self - always choose a short password that is complex like Pass2008 (upper case, lower case, numbers).

This time around I skipped installation of the DB2 Tool Catalog. Apparently this is for the "Task Center" and "Scheduler". Not sure what exactly these 2 items do. But I won't need any backups for my test database. So I hope this was the right decision. I also decided not to mess around with the notifications option. The most important install decision was to disable operating system security. This got me into so much trouble after the last install.

As a last step bonus, I decided to install the IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio 2005. This step took a long time. But I have recently installed Visual Studio 2005 on my machine. So I hope to take advantage of this feature.