View Setup and Configuration

A team normally has separate views with the same config spec. View profiles can automate view setup for a team. The view_server is a process which runs on the host where Clearcase storage resides. This host must have Clearcase installed. You can place the view_server on the same host which contains the VOB, which reduces traffic, but is not recommended so as not to degrade the VOB.

The viewtag is the name of the view. It must be a unique identifier. It also must take the form of a valid directory name. Here is some guidance on the config spec for a view:
  • Each view gets a default config spec
  • The default retrieves the most recent version on the main branch
  • Can be modified using the "cleartool edcs" command
  • Do not change while files are opened in the IDE
  • Is case sensitive

In most simple projects, the development takes place on the main branch. The default config spec is taken from the file located at $ATRIAHOME/default_config_spec. CHECKEDOUT in a config spec allows modification of elements. And \main\LATEST allows creation of new elements. Note that a config spec can include other files.

I have more reading to do in my Clearcase Manual book. When I have read and studied the book some more, I will post again and share what I have learned.